Getting Proper Perspective on Your Life


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Description: Is it possible to get close to the maker of the world? Would that give you a clear perspective on life?

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  • JoanneL says:

    I listened to this talk this morning, Easter 2020. Even though it was originally meant for New Year’s Day 1979, it speaks of making a purposed commitment during the next year. During this time of self-isolation, I could see afresh the need to make what Jesus did for me on the cross a reality in my daily life — when the little agitating things can grow bigger and become more irritating! Ernest O’Neill shared: “We believe that God did actually put us into His son symbolically in the first century A.D. – but realistically in the super space, super time world of eternity — and He destroyed there our dependence on people and things and circumstances for our security and our happiness — and we are able therefore, to be free to live above all those things and to live by the power of God’s own life.” Wow! This certainly is a new way of living !! It gives a whole new view on this “Lock-down” time where the fear of no income, touchy relationships and even disease can loom large. Thank you.

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