How Does Real Peace Come?



Description: Many of us live with an ominous sense of worry and anxiety as if someone disapproves of us. How can we get rid of these feelings so we can have peace?

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  • Myron says:

    This is so true . . . Brothers and sisters, that comes to a beautiful, relaxing, relieving, life-giving stop, when you at last realize that God no longer demands our death from us. That’s because his Son Jesus has died that death for us. There just comes a great relaxation and relief into your life when you realize, “God has justified me. I don’t need to keep on trying to justify myself like this. God has justified me. I don’t need this chip on my shoulder any longer. I don’t need to prove myself to everybody. I see I am no longer under condemnation to death, because Jesus has died so that his Father could forgive me.”

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