Is it possible to be certain God Loves you?


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Description: Do you doubt there is anyone who if they knew your every thought, would still love you and would spend their whole lives loving you?

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  • Dan says:

    It seems you have to be emptied before you can be filled

  • Myron Kliewer says:

    I listened to this sermon over 45 years ago. I was a young man 22 years old looking for something real in life. I had a good job, new car, owned my own house and had everything I had ever hoped for, yet deep down I wasn’t happy, I was looking for something more in life.
    Then one day I came across this talk. It spoke to me deeper than anything else I had ever heard. All I can say is, it changed my whole life, both inside and out. Looking back over the years, I can honestly say, “I’d never go back, I’m looking forward to more of what life has to offer”. God is truly a loving God.

  • this is exactly what i have been waiting to hear.

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