The Mastery of The Will



Description: If the will can will a thing and yet your body doesn't respond or your mind or emotions don't respond to it, then what keeps us from falling apart?

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  • Dan says:

    I guess, 40 some years ago when I first heard this, I had not had enough experience to recognize how I let the steering wheel of my life follow the ruts of pleasing myself and therefore wasn’t looking for help — still thought I was in control. But as I look back I can see how I clung to control of my own life, and allowed pleasing myself to rule, and how much therefore, I have missed of the dear One who gave His life for me and the high road he prepared for me. “Ah, why did I no sooner go to Thee, the only ease in pain! Ashamed, I sigh, and inly mourn, That I so late to Thee did turn.” (Johann Scheffler)

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