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  • A Hope Against Hope:
    There are so many things that we cannot explain. But, we can understand and experience the difference between “human hope”… Feb 3, 04:14
  • Day 1: Living Daily in Reality:
    I listen to these talks regularly and find them quite challenging, both logically and spiritually. They help me think “outside… Feb 3, 04:02
  • Day 1: Living Daily in Reality:
    sounds logical. i’ll see what the rest of the series is like. Jan 31, 12:16
  • Day 13: A Planned Life:
    II find myself being challenged to find time each day to simply stop and think. In today’s world there are… Oct 27, 21:26
  • Day 14: The Way we Live Now:
    It is so true, our jobs and everyday responsibilities keep us occupied and we have little time to stop and… Oct 27, 21:08
  • Evidence for God’s Existence – Buddha Mohammed?:
    You don’t even know what you are talking about. Just raising questions and you do not have any answers. here… Jun 13, 11:40
  • Day 23: The Reconciliation:
    Thank you for sharing Mr. Pershall. I can relate to a lot of what you say. Life is one great… Nov 15, 13:57
  • Day 23: The Reconciliation:
    Just True Reality There are a great many Gods, All Gods are only imaginary personages of worship, not creators. There… Nov 9, 22:33
  • Can we be Freed from Evil?:
    I feel so blessed to have heard this sermon some 50 years ago. It gave me a new start to… Oct 18, 21:25
  • Freed from all evil:
    This Talk was given to a large group of students on the University of Minnesota on Campus in the early… Aug 19, 07:59
  • Death Faced without Fear:
    Having listened to this talk once again I am challenged to open my heart to God’s truth. I need to… Aug 8, 23:46
  • A Hope Against Hope:
    “Human hope is what keeps a lot of us out of God. Human hope is looking at the probability in… Jul 6, 14:17
  • Being a Slave to Circumstances:
    Over these past two months of staying at home, it has given me time to reflect on what motivates me.… Jun 1, 13:39
  • Can God Control Everything in my Life?:
    It is time to stop blaming others for the problems we have in our lives. God, if we look to… May 30, 07:52
  • People Pleasers:
    I can see that it’s easy to feel DOOMED during these days. Like Rev. O’Neill says — in a way,… May 18, 12:42

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