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  • Can we be Freed from Evil?:
    I feel so blessed to have heard this sermon some 50 years ago. It gave me a new start to… Oct 18, 21:25
  • Freed from all evil:
    This Talk was given to a large group of students on the University of Minnesota on Campus in the early… Aug 19, 07:59
  • Freed from all evil:
    This Talk was given to a large group of students on the University of Minnesota in Campus in the early… Aug 19, 07:58
  • Death Faced without Fear:
    Having listened to this talk once again I am challenged to open my heart to God’s truth. I need to… Aug 8, 23:46
  • A Hope Against Hope:
    “Human hope is what keeps a lot of us out of God. Human hope is looking at the probability in… Jul 6, 14:17
  • Being a Slave to Circumstances:
    Over these past two months of staying at home, it has given me time to reflect on what motivates me.… Jun 1, 13:39
  • Can God Control Everything in my Life?:
    It is time to stop blaming others for the problems we have in our lives. God, if we look to… May 30, 07:52
  • People Pleasers:
    I can see that it’s easy to feel DOOMED during these days. Like Rev. O’Neill says — in a way,… May 18, 12:42
  • God’s Mercy:
    He talks about God saying, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy,” and asks if that means we… Apr 30, 03:50
  • Living by Feelings and Emotions:
    During this Lock-down time, we have a lot of time to think, and the days stretch on and on. Do… Apr 25, 14:07
  • Day 7: Made Inside Christ:
    I enjoy listening to Ernest O”Neills Talks. It challenges me to think, learn and live in new ways in today,’s… Apr 19, 21:04
  • God’s Plan For You:
    I am sure I have got into ruts about where I should be and what I should do. God has… Apr 14, 04:37
  • Crisis transformed:
    Every day we hear about the destructive COVID-19 virus and the many people that are getting sick, and some dying… Apr 12, 13:27
  • Getting Proper Perspective on Your Life:
    I listened to this talk this morning, Easter 2020. Even though it was originally meant for New Year’s Day 1979,… Apr 12, 10:15
  • How Does Faith Work in Us?:
    I had to read the transcript of this as this is exactly what I want to experience. I want the… Apr 7, 05:54

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