Blog Post #5: Sin After Conversion


When revival comes into our lives, there is only one thing that matters.  God is in our midst and everything else fades into the background.  For each of us, our experience is different but very real.  I have a vivid memory of those ’70s & ’80s, we met on Sunday morning at the Minnesota Dance Theater in Minneapolis.  I was a Christian, but searching for something more.  God was in our presence; prayer times were not just filled with praise, they were times of honest heart-searching and confession. We were hungry for God, and God met us in many different ways.

God used today’s talk, “Sin After Conversion” in my life to show me a new honesty regarding both inward and outward sin.  As I opened my heart to God, I began to see God was leading me out of my self-centeredness and into His Salvation.

As we listen to this “Spiritual Life Series”, one thing comes home to me.  God is as real today as He was those 50-some years ago, He has not changed.  Let’s join together and ask ourselves, what is God saying to us TODAY? He has answers for every need of ours.

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