Blog Post #6: The Carnal Christian


As we go over this “Spiritual Life Series”, if you are like me, you will have various questions along the way.  It’s only natural.  When we start to seriously hunger for more of God, He begins to become a real friend to us.  If we draw close to God, He will draw close to us. We all will have a different story to tell.   Some of us can testify to real miracles that happen in our lives.  Others, like myself, may be tempted to think, “What is wrong with me”?  Why am I not experiencing the same excitement and blessing as others?

It took me a long time, but soon I began to see, God wanted me to look to Him, and not compare myself to others.  I began to set a definite time aside (outside of my busy schedule) to be alone with God.  I like the outdoors; my favorite place was alongside a small trickling stream in a semi-wooded area.  When the weather didn’t suit me, I chose the early morning hours at home, in a quiet place where I could read, think, and pray.  I soon saw my own deep need, and that was to get to know God personally.  This meant looking to Him alone and not to others.

I would remind each of us, as we follow this ‘Spiritual Life Series’.  This is not a study program.  Rather it is meant to lead each of us into a personal intuitive journey of getting to know our Maker.  He has so much to share with us if only we take the time to get to know HIM.  Let’s join together, God is challenging each of us.   He has something special He wants to do in our lives today.  If you have something to share, don’t be hesitant to comment below.

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