Blog Post #7: How can we escape being a carnal Christian?


Have you ever felt anxious?  I have.  In today’s world, we all face a different set of circumstances, many times the skies are clear and sunny, other times they are cloudy and it’s pouring rain, and yet other times it’s like there is a hurricane pounding on our front door.  Just this last week I have had 2 acquaintances die and another two reports (from good friends) that friends and relatives have committed suicide.  In each of these situations, it becomes more and more clear, we need each other.  We need to learn how to step outside of our own world and talk to each other.  We all face some of the same issues, we are not alone.

The more we talk, the more we realize that others are facing similar challenges.  This in turn allows us to start thinking outside of our own situation . . . . . .  and this is exactly where the answers come in.  They come from outside of the little world we live in.    We need not ever enter into the mindset that says, “There are no answers for me, life is not worth living”.  This is where stepping outside of ourselves and asking for help comes into play.

This Spiritual Life Series helped me do just that.  In my experience, it was only after I began to see my little world was shaky and very unsure, that I began to look outside of myself.  I soon saw that I had a loving Maker who had given me a promise.  His words to me were like water to a thirsty man.  “Do not be anxious about your life . . . . . if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not so much as to clothe you, O men of little faith?”  I asked myself, OK, if this is true, how can this promise help me with my anxiety & uncertainty?  The answer came ever so clear and practical.  Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.

Our Maker has given us the great opportunity of beginning to experience the salvation He has already provided for each of us.  What is our responsibility?  Simply to seek Him.  As we take a very practical step and look up to Him and say, “I need help”.  We set aside a serious time each day, and we talk to Him.  We say, “I need to see outside of my small-mindedness.  I want to see the plan that you have for my life.  I need your help”.  When we seek Him with our whole heart, His Spirit will fill us with a New Life, and we will never turn back, but only want more!

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